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Women's Resource and Empowerment Center Program (WREC)- Helping Homeless Women and Children

The WREC Program focuses on helping homeless women and children in the Gulfport-Biloxi community that are homeless as a result of the lack of affordable housing.  We empower these women by providing temporary housing, food,and clothing, as well as, focus on developing leadership skills, building capacity, self-development, self-enrichment, life- skills (accountability), access to resources that will assist with finding permanent housing, mentoring by successful women, along with training and education in the areas of: job skills development and volunteerism.  To date WREC Program has helped hundreds of homeless women and  children obtain housing.
Save The Seed Program- Helping At-Risk Youth

The program addresses problems of at-risk youth who are in danger of, or have dropped out of school, are designated as delinquents, etc.  It  addresses issues of self-development, self-enrichment, academic achievement,  street corner thug-isms, life skills (accountability) and related social issues with at-risk youth.

Save the Seed  tutored and schooled teenage boys that dropped out of Public School and got them back in school on their grade level or above.