Mission Statement

Center for Environmental and Economic Justice, Inc. (CEEJ), is a non-profit community based organization that was founded in 1989, (formerly UJAMAA Community Services, Inc.), by Bishop James L. Black, in Biloxi, Mississippi. CEEJ is the oldest continuous existing 501(C)(3), (except NAACP) minority-lead social justice organization in the area.  CEEJ*s objectives include organizing grass root community people and other community-based organizations to affect socio-economic development issues and environmental justice (EJ) concerns that are germane to people of color and other ethnicities impacted by injustices. Also, CEEJ is working to eliminate environmental health hazards and promote economic sustainability through community education, hazard control training, and by engaging in social justice issues that affect Afro-Americans and other impacted ethnicities in Mississippi.

Those Social Justice issues include, but are not limited to, addressing the massive and oft times destructive problems of youth focusing primarily on ages twelve to nineteen.  These problems include school dropouts, disciplinary problems, drug use/sales, gang related issues and community socializations.  CEEJ is also focusing on helping homeless women and children.  Access to safe and secure housing is one of the most basic human rights.  CEEJ has addressed and will continue to address all issues that negatively impact families and its varied components.  Impacting many of the family problems are economic financial woes that derive from systemic social and economic racism, break down of the traditional family structure, lack of adequate education, and (in some cases) lack of education opportunities.

It is the Center for Environmental and Economic Justice*s daunting mission to bring about positive and progressive change to those destined to fail regardless of cause and effect.  CEEJ*s methods, though charitable, are not centered around handouts and free-tickets, but through applicable educational focus, positive self-reinforcements, teaching self-determination concepts, instructions in economic development principles, and other social skills and self-enhancement concepts. 

CEEJ*s mission is purpose driven: to eradicate environmental, social, and economic injustices where present.  It is our belief that environmental justice inculcates the concept of, where we work, live, play, and worship.  Functioning under this concept, we are compelled to address the holistic needs of our communities.
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