CEEJ, is a non-profit community based organization that was founded in 1989, formerly UJAMAA Community Services, Inc., in Biloxi, Mississippi by Bishop James Black.  CEEJ is the oldest continuous existing 501 (C)(3), (except  for the NAACP) minority social justice organization in the area.  
CEEJ's objectives are numerous but include: organizing grass root community people and other community-based organizations around social justice issues, public policy change on socioeconomic development and environmental justice (EJ) concerns that are germane to people of color and other minorities impacted by injustices.  We are working to eliminate environmental health hazards through education, advocacy, and eradication methods, promote economic sustainability through community business education, hazardous materials control training, and engaging in social public policy issues that negatively impact Afro-American and other impacted minorities in Mississippi and along the Gulf Coast (LA, MS & AL).  
CEEJ has addressed and will continue to address social issues that negatively impact families and its varied components.  It is the Center for Environmental and Economic Justice's mission to bring about positive and progressive change.  Katrina damaged communities and traditionally economically challenged neighborhoods.  
*CEEJ has been involved, on a limited basis, in the monitoring, information gathering and dissemination of information regarding toxic contamination of the impacted community along the Turkey Creek Basin, Gulfport Mississippi (Harrison County).  
*CEEJ has successfully achieved the following: moved to get community people on the Department of Defense Restoration Advisory Board at Keesler Air Force Base and the Gulfport Naval Construction battalion Center, trained and organized environmental justice workers and organized and trained community groups to address environmental threats in the community.

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